Building Green Peace: Peacebuilding & Environmentalism


Let me say: I’m pretty excited to share a by-line with Jurgen Brauer, who blogs at Stone Garden Economics. Jurgen is a co-author of the book Peace Economics and co-editor of The Economics of Peace & Security Journal.

We collaborated last month to discuss the environmental impact of war. (Jurgen wrote a book on that too.) We concluded that it’s time for peacebuilders and environmentalists to come together.

In the past, human conflict and destruction of the environment were viewed as separate problems. Today, they must be seen as interlocking parts of the same problem. Organizations need to respond by approaching them in an integrated, unified manner. Putting a conservationist’s desk in every peacebuilding office and a conflict assessment specialist or peacebuilding program officer in every environmental NGO would make tangible progress toward the protection of people and the planet.

Read the full article – from the environmental impact of war, to discussion of climate change and conflict, with our recommendations – here, on World Politics Review.