Peace Economics Consulting


If you’re interested in collaborating on peace economics programming, or feel your organization’s work could benefit from peace economics expertise, please contact me through this site or at

I am currently seeking  opportunities to bring my expertise in peace economics to bear in nonprofit and social enterprise programming. This might include:

  • Developing economic components for peacebuilding work: policy analysis & advocacy, economic activism, social enterprise development, etc.
  • Bringing peacebuilding expertise to economic development work: conflict sensitivity programming, workshop facilitation, assessments on the impact of development work on peace and conflict, etc.
  • Developing programs for economic activism: community organizing, strategic planning and implementation for advocacy campaigns, boycotts & buycotts, nonviolent direct action, etc.
  • Research: producing a conflict assessment, peacebuilding assessment, economic opportunity assessment, cost-of-conflict study, policy analysis, or some other product
  • Strategy consulting
  • Performing conflict sensitivity analysis on programming or supply chains
  • Sales training and/or sales and operations support for social enterprises and cooperatives
  • Or filing another related need

Please let me know how we can collaborate. I also regularly initiate new programs and projects and would be exited to do so in partnership with you or your organization. I have skills and experience in building partnerships, fundraising, and project management. What can we create together?

Previous Projects and Partners

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