Visionistas is dedicated to building peaceful economies in the Americas by identifying the economic structures and business models that build peace and working to implement them.

Visionistas is the organization I’m working to build, and the above is our mission statement.

The Visionistas website is coming soon, where you’ll find our work in two branches of programming:

Visionistas de Paz (Visionaries of Peace): Research and advocacy programming that works to identify the economic structures and policies, including business models, that create and support peaceful economies.

  • An online library of original research, as well as cross-posted research from partner organizations, in English, Spanish, and Portugese.
  • Innovative research models and assessment tools for understanding economic opportunity and peace economics, built from participatory methods and with the goal of practical implementation.
  • Knowledge and scholarship to inform policy and programming.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of Visionistas de Pan, and other peace economics, programs.
  • Advocacy on key issue areas for a peaceful economy in the Americas.

Visionistas de Pan (Visionaries of Bread): Business development consulting and services, priced on a sliding scale, designed to help businesses large and small grow sustainably and peacefully.

  • A social enterprise incubator that works specifically with businesses that contribute positively to peace. Visionistas de Pan will both start and support social enterprises who seek to support peacebuilding through core operations and build conflict sensitivity into the business model. We see a sustainable livelihood as a crucial component of positive peace, and as such define “social enterprise” broadly, working with businesses large and small, formal and informal, from farmers and microentrepeneurs to factory owners and large cooperatives.

If you’re interested in this work, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m currently available for hire as a consultant for similar programming, as well as looking for partners, volunteers, and a network of consultants. I look forward to collaborating for peace!

“When eating bamboo sprouts, remember the man who planted them.” — Chinese Proverb

I’d like to set aside this space for thanking those that have planted change. The following individuals and organizations have generously supported the first Visionistas project with monetary and in-kind contributions. For many of them, it is not the first time that they have supported my work. For all of them, I am deeply grateful.

6 Anonymous Donors · Aima Raza · Andrea Aquino · Andrea Solazzo · Angela Deane · Billy Becker · Brian MacHarg · Carolyn Alexander & Eric Thompson · Celeste Adamson · Cher Dambrosio · Chloe Demrovsky · Clare Hiatt · Colleen Creegan · Cori Zaccagnino · Daniel Hyslop · Daniel MacBoom · Disarm Education Fund/Global Health Partners · Erica & Abhik Mukherjee · Fiona Korwin-Palowski · Guilaume Kroll · James Sweeny · Jeff Park · Jennifer Salamanca · Jim Coffey · Joseph Misurelli · Kandace Ryan · Katarzyna Szutkowsk · Kathe Tancredi · Kelly Weiner · Kerstin Recker · Kimberly Hatton · Laura Mason · Laura Mobley · Luigi DiGangi · Maestra, the film · Mandy Middleton · Marina Solomon · Matthiessen Strategies, LLC · Michael Eatroff · Molly Fearn · Natasha Lamoreux · Patricia Hagerty · Patrick & Carmie Hagerty · Rebecca Tancredi · Richard Lentini · Salome Begeladze · Sandra Radev · Scott Reutter · Stephen Aquila · Steve Case · Travis & Elizabeth Williams · Vera Jelinek · Vilson Fejzullau


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