Talia Hagerty


Talia Hagerty, the author of this blog, is a Research Fellow at the Institute for Economics and Peace and a peace economics consultant providing research, policy, and program support to a variety of organizations working for peacebuilding and economic development. Talia has experience in both nonprofit and social enterprise programming and operations, sales for social enterprises, and academic work. Her research focuses on gender, participatory peacebuilding, poverty reduction, economic conflict, informal and illicit economies globally, and the drug trade in Latin America specifically.

In 2012, Talia completed her master’s degree in Global Affairs at New York University, with a concentration in peacebuilding and peace economics. She earned a BA in Economics from Eckerd College in 2008 and then spent two years working in fair trade at the Greenheart Shop social enterprise in Chicago.

After moving to New York City in 2010, Talia worked on violence containment research at the Institute for Economics and Peace and collaborated with regulators, civil society, and the private sector at the environmental consulting firm Blue Marble Project (formerly Matthiessen Strategies). In 2013, Talia worked in the Monitoring & Evaluation department at the global poverty reduction organization Trickle Up, as a consultant for the NYU Center for Global Affairs, and as the lead author on the Stop Street Harassment Know Your Rights guide. Since January 2015, she has been based at IEP’s global headquarters in Sydney, Australia. 

Talia is also the founder of Visionistas, an organization dedicated to building peaceful economic structures in the Americas. Talia is currently available for global contract and consulting assignments, speaking engagements, and media appearances. Get in touch for more information.

Download Talia’s full CV here.


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