Theory of Change is a space for imagining the world we want, reflecting on the world we have, and getting from here to there.

The theory of change framework is a tool used by peacebuilders and development activists and practitioners to design programs that are conceptually connected to the outcomes they seek. The framework is complicated, and not strictly implemented here, but the central question it asks is vital: why do we think that what we’re doing now will lead to the outcome we envision?

As an activist for a healthier global community and a protected planet, I find myself imagining a better world everyday: whenever I see, hear, and read about wars and violence, human rights abuses, rising seas, disappearing species, exploited peoples and places, and unraveling communities, including my own. But as the same activist I also experience people power, pristine places, community organizing, revolutions, institutions, random (and organized) acts of kindness, art, love, cooperation, and many, many things that make me believe peace is possible. I don’t question that we can and will do better. I want to explore how. This blog is one part of my exploration.

For more information, view my bio and don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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