Police Brutality Vigil Tonight, 8/14, 7pm Union Sq NYC


What has happened in Ferguson, MO this week, and LA, and I’m sure many other American cities that we aren’t hearing about, is unacceptable. And it is scary, and it is heart breaking.

But the violence in our communities – much of which comes from over armed police forces – is not inevitable, and it is not hopeless.

There is something we can do about it.

It’s time to come together and make a change. Come out if you can. Hold a candle. Hold your neighbor’s hand. Make a statement that this is not ok.

I just received this email from a colleague organizing one of many vigils in NYC tonight:

Here is the event page on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/696125507103287/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming

There are multiple locations in Manhattan: Harlem, Union Square, Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island. This is a nationwide vigil. Here is the facebook community page: https://www.facebook.com/NMOS2014

The vigil was organized by Blogger @FeministaJones. You can also follow the vigils here at #NMOS14 on twitter. I am the primary organizer for the event tonight in Union and my twitter is @StilettoViper.

This is NOT a protest. It is a peaceful vigil. At 7:20 EST we will be observing 60 seconds of silence. This is a time for people to come together and mourn. This is not a place for violence.

See you in the streets.


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