Brooklyn: Share Your Street Harassment Stories


Brooklyn: Share Your Street Harassment Stories

Catcalls, whistles, “hey baby” – it’s not a compliment, it’s street harassment. And if you’re a woman in New York City, it’s probably happened to you.

It’s annoying to be told to “smile!” because men on the street are not entitled to our attention. It’s frightening when ignoring that “hey mama….” turns to “bitch! I’m talking to you!” and a man following you down the street… And it all amounts to a constant reminder that our bodies are not considered our own. Whistles and yells are the least of it when we carry the fear that it could be so much worse.

If this sounds familiar to you, now there’s something you can do about it. Women and men around the world are organizing to end end gender-based harassment, and we’re doing it with humor, art, music, film, activism, and safe spaces.

Stop Street Harassment is part of this global movement, and on Saturday, July 13 we’re collecting stories from Brooklyn and NYC. If you live in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn or identify as a queer woman of color, come share your stories of street harassment in one of two discussion groups. Your experiences will help Stop Street Harassment and the Harlow Project in our work to make public spaces safe for everyone.  But more importantly, sharing your story in a safe space can take the edge off the fear, help you heal, and remind you that it’s not your fault.

Discussion Group 1:

Community members of the Bed-Stuy Neighborhood area are invited to share their experiences and stories with street harassment in the area, 12 – 1 p.m. EST.

Discussion Group 2:

Queer women of color from anywhere in the New York City region are invited to talk about their experiences and stories with street harassment. 2-3 p.m. EST.

Both discussions will take place at the Brooklyn Movement Center, 375 Stuyvesant Ave  Brooklyn, NY.

Click through for more details. And we look forward to hearing from you on Saturday!


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