What does Feminism mean to you?


Can you take a second to share?

Whether you are or aren’t a Feminist, you probably have some thoughts on the subject.

A colleague is running a very informal survey on what Feminism means for different people. I helped her create a quick Google form, and now we’re asking people to define Feminism in their own words.

Do that here: https://docs.google.com/a/nyu.edu/forms/d/1JImR1AYdmtAPaoNnVu7fQzNwoPjL_0nzNJ0Y0YIsEEA/viewform


Survey responses are completely anonymous.


One thought on “What does Feminism mean to you?

  1. Thanks for the likes, follows, and survey responses, everyone! They are so interesting to read. Please feel free to share the survey with feminists and nonfeminists alike. Your answers will help us get a better understanding of modern ideas about feminism and how we can improve the movement :)

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