3rd Annual Indigenous People’s Rights Field Course


Oh, if I could be a student forever…

The University of Peace in Costa Rica and the Human Rights Education Associates are co-hosting a combination e-course and field visit on Indigenous People’s Rights.

The course is in English, and takes place from June 5 – July 16, 2013 online and August 5 – 11, 2013 in Amburi, Talamanca, Costa Rica.

Cabecar, Talamanca, Costa Rica (Photo by James Kaiser)

Cabecar, Talamanca, Costa Rica (Photo by James Kaiser)

From the HREA site, linked above:

Download flyer  (PDF)

HREA and the University for Peace Human Rights Center annually organize a blended learning and field experience program about the protection and emerging rights of indigenous populations.

Indigenous Peoples’ Rights: a blended learning and field-based experience in Costa Rica – 3rd Annual Course & Field Visit 

  1. E-Learning Course Indigenous Peoples’ Rights: 5 June – 16 July 2013
  2. Field Visit: Amburi, Talamanca, Costa Rica: 5 – 11 August 2013

Recommended for: staff of human rights NGOs and other civil society organizations, practitioners, academics, and students studying in areas of indigenous peoples’ rights, human rights, environment, gender, and development. Past participants have come from a wide range of fields with diverse professional and educational experiences. We believe that for a course of this nature, the greater the diversity, the better.


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