It’s September – Back to Work!


Summer is definitely my favorite season – it’s play time! But fall feels like the most productive time of year. In the next few months, in addition to writing my thesis and finishing my master’s degree, I have a lot of good work coming up. A few exciting updates for the fall:

I’ve begun an exciting partnership with the social justice organization Disarm to keep all of our readers updated on peace, justice, and economic development in México. Disarm has generously supported my current trip, during which I’m investigating the status of economic opportunity in a small part of central México. Huge thanks go out to the Disarm team for making this possible! During and after my travels, you can read updates and see photos on the From the Field section of

From their website:

Disarm Education Fund is a New York City-based international nonprofit organization founded in 1976 to build movements for peace, social justice, and human rights at home and around the world. In the 1980s, Disarm worked to end U.S. military aid to right-wing death squads in El Salvador and to the Contras in Nicaragua. We’ve partnered with grassroots organizations to promote human rights in Mexico and Guatemala. Now, together with Global Health Partners, Disarm is supporting community-based medical programs in Latin America and the Caribbean.

I’ve also had a recent publication on the US Institute of Peace International Network for Economics and Conflict blog. As I mentioned, I had the opportunity to review the new text Peace Economics. Read the review here, and then look for the book later this month!

Finally, when I return from my research trip in México (where I’m writing from today!), I’ll be giving a presentation on Peace Economics in general and the findings from my work as part of the New York Peace Institute Peace Talks series. The presentation, on Friday, October 26th at their Brooklyn Mediation Center, will be free and open to the public. More details to come!

I look forward to keeping you posted on these exciting projects, and look out for the first updates and photos from México in the next few days!




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