Wikipedia, meet Peace Econ


Exciting news today: Profs. Jurgen Brauer and Raul Caruso have published the first Wikipedia entry on peace economics, bringing the field more firmly into the sphere of public and accessible knowledge.

(I know that this is something Prof. Brauer finds important, as his forthcoming book called Peace Economics, co-authored with Prof. J. Paul Dunne, is a handbook for practitioners to access and utilize the findings from our field. Look out for my upcoming review of it on the US Institute of Peace site.)

In sharing the article, they write: “Apologies to colleagues in the field if your work is not (yet) mentioned. We had two objectives: (1) to put up something simply to get the topic on the wiki record and (2) to conform to wiki standards in terms of wiki structure, style, and content. We passed the wiki editors’ test, and the page was made “live” on 17 August 2012. For the story behind the wiki entry, see”

In the story behind the entry, Prof. Brauer notes that, as Wikipedia is a shared space, the definition and examples of peace economics could very well change by the time you have a chance to read the entry. I’m looking forward to checking out the contributions from the Wikipedia community. But whether you have something to add to the article, or just wonder what the heck I’m going on about over here, take a look at the new entry. Prof. Brauer is a prolific author on the topic, a generous teacher, my one-time co-author at the Institute for Economics & Peace, and a Visionistas supporter. The Wiki post, and his blog, are definitely worth a read.


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