Visionistas: Building Peaceful Economies in the Americas

ojuelos de jalisco mexico

Visionistas is dedicated to building peaceful economies in the Americas by identifying what economic structures and business models build peace and working to implement them.

Visionistas is the organization I’m working to build, and the above is our mission statement. As I embark on the first Visionistas research project this summer and fall – my masters thesis, on economic opportunity in México – I want to introduce the organization this work will serve to create.

Visionistas has two branches of programming:

Visionsitas de Paz (Visionaries of Peace): Not-for-profit research and advocacy programming that works to identify the economic structures and policies, including business models, that create and support peaceful economies.

  • An online library of original research, as well as cross-posted research from partner organizations, in English and Spanish.
  • Innovative research models and assessment tools for understanding economic opportunity and peace economics, built from participatory methods and with the goal of practical implementation.
  • Knowledge and scholarship to inform policy and programming.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of Visionistas de Pan, and other peace economics, programs.

Visionistas de Pan (Visionaries of Bread): Business development consulting and services, priced on a sliding scale, designed to help businesses large and small grow sustainably and peacefully.

  • Capacity building for entrepreneurs and small businesses seeking people and planet friendly growth.
  • A network of business-to-business resources, providing easy access to the most responsible suppliers and partners in your industry.
  • Consulting services for sustainability: turn your solid, profit-earning business into a social enterprise, or make sure your social enterprise will earn sustainable revenue.

If you’re interested in this work, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m currently looking for partners and volunteers. Leave me a note here, send me an email at, or visit the site above. I look forward to collaborating for peace!


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