More Than Money: Support for my thesis project in México


Yesterday was a big day for me. I officially launched my fundraising campaign for my thesis project in México:

And within 24 hours, before I even had a chance to post it here, I raised nearly half of what I need to fund this project! Contributions large and small have come in from my closest family members, old friends I haven’t seen in years, and people I’ve never even met. I’m shocked, flattered, excited, and inspired.

As you can probably gather from this blog, and you definitely know if we’ve met, my world-changing goals are not small. My great uncle Pete – a man who has literally lived the saying, “if you aren’t a liberal when you’re young, you have no heart; if you aren’t a conservative when you’re old, you have no brain,” – told me that my plans are “very idealistic.” I told him that that’s the point. Only by imagining big things can we make big things happen. That’s (part of) my theory of change for my upcoming masters thesis, which I’ll elaborate more on in future posts.

The support I’ve gotten from the project has been more than money, in a few ways. My closest family helped me draft the copy for my fundraising page. My wonderful boyfriend, Bogar Alonso, shot the video for the page (please watch it!). My colleague Jurgen Brauer, who I worked with at the Institute for Economics and Peace and whose blog is always worth a read, has put me in touch with a number of great folks in/from México, all of whom have graciously offered their advice and networks. When I was having trouble with my fundraising site, my friend Colleen, founder of Handmade Peace, logged in on a moment’s notice and took my project live. And those who have donated have shown me that I’m not alone in believing #PeaceIsPossible. We can, and will, work together, with everyone pitching in what they’re able, to leave this world a better place than we found it.

I write today to express my sincerest gratitude to everyone who has helped, in every way. Your support means the world to me, literally.

To find out more about what I’m working on, and how to get involved, please visit




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