Occupy Gender: Patriarchy and Gender Experiences in the Occupy Movement


Perhaps this seems an odd moment for reflection. Spring has come quickly, in the literal and revolutionary sense, as the fight for economic justice more and more resembles a battle. But perhaps reflection has been what our most dramatic historical moments have needed. (In NGO lingo we call that a double feedback loop: assessing, learning, and reorganizing in the midst of a project.) Or, as I wouldn’t presume the outcome of social science, we find that Occupy is getting it all right and there is nothing else but to charge ahead.

At a pivotal moment in the movement, a number of activists will convene this Tuesday with NYU’s Lysistrata to discuss the issue that underpins all social engagement but is too rarely discussed: gender. As a continuation of my participatory action research with Occupy Wall Street I’m organizing the below event. Gender experiences and relationships are brilliant and dynamic in the Occupy movement, and important discussions of this need a space in the movement and in academia. And yet, things have been far from perfect. Please bring your ideas of gender and experiences in and out of the Occupy world to this discussion. I look forward to talking with you.

Occupy Gender: Patriarchy and Gender Experiences in the Occupy Movement

Tuesday, March 27th, 4-6p
NYU Center for Global Affairs
15 Barclay Street
(The NYU entrance to the Woolworth Building)
New York, NY 10010
Room: 230

While Occupy Wall Street began as an action to dismantle economic injustice, the global movement has faced and targeted many other injustices along the way. Patriarchy – from the 1% and within the movement – is one of those many; dismantling patriarchy and creating safe space for all gender experiences is a key component to the Occupy movement. Join Lysistrata in discussion with Occupy Patriarchy and Feminist Peace Network founder Lucinda Marshall and Occupy Wall Street activists Rachel Schragis, Lauren Digioa, Priscilla Grim, and others (TBA!) to learn how the Occupy movement has dealt with gender issues and ideas. How does patriarchy uphold the economic injustice OWS targets? Where does patriarchy exist within the movement, and how have activists handled it? How is the Occupy experience different (or the same) for activists along the gender-identity spectrum? What can Occupy teach or learn from struggles against patriarchy the world over? Our speakers will address these questions, as well as those raised in discussion with the audience.

Free and open to the public, of course, but registration is required. Please RSVP to Lysistrata.NYU@gmail.com by Thursday, March 22nd.


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